Build with Hubs Kits

Build with Hubs Kits

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Hubs DIY geodesic dome kit

A fun family project? A gift for a maker? An educational team project? Or simply for the love of domes!

Hubs are simple to snap together joints that make durable garden domes quick and easy to build. The kit contains everything you need except for the sticks.

Making the sticks is easy - just two different lengths, and no need to be super accurate!

Full guide included and an online stick length calculator for making specific sizes.

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Kit Contains:

  • 6x  5-way hubs
  • 20x  6-way hubs
  • 150x  ball connectors
  • 150x  wood screws
  • 26x  hub screws
  • 26x  locking plates
  • 25x  wing nuts
  • 1x  hanging eyelet
  • 1x  allen key
  • 1x  build instructions
  • 1x  overview guide

A moonbase, den, chicken run, arbour, sun room, planetarium, greenhouse?

What would you build?


Kit dimensions:

19cm x 23cm x12cm (w x l x h)