Design Science Studio 2020 poster - Limited Edition "Earth Guardians"

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Design Science Studio official 2020 poster - Limited Edition Print

Every year, the Design Science Studio commissions an artist to create the official poster of that particular year. The posters look to express the incredible richness of the Studio's cohort, the creativity and optimistic vision of a future that works for 100% of life, drawing from themes of science fiction and retro and afrofuturism, solarpunk narratives and other anticipatory design science and metamodern constructs.

This year was a blast. Our guidelines to Veni Studio were two fold, on the one hand, honoring Buckminster Fuller, our patron, and his legacy. On the other, featuring some of our BIPOC artists with an afrofuturistic retro earth guardian superhero style. The young couple running the studio got it immediately and delivered these two incredible pieces of art that you can now hang in your wall. These are special. It's the first year of the Studio and the decade and this limited edition won't last for long. Get yours!

// About Design Science Studio:

The Design Science Studio is a decade-long anticipatory art and design-driven accelerator for (r)evolutionary creators. It focuses on inspiring and creating Planetary Solutions for a world that works for 100% of life. With a cluster of visionary mentors and using Buckminster Fuller’s Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science principles, cohorts of 144 international creators build culture-shifting projects that promote solutions for a world where all beings thrive.

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